Two women unpack the absurdity of everyday life for your entertainment.



HEATHER FRANK, as interviewed  by sarah lane

We're both producers. What do you like...(or hate) most about this career path?

I love the creative process and building things from scratch.

What's your favorite food delivery order and why?

Dumplings because they are savory little pillows of comfort food.  

Let's talk about living in LA. What works for you and what doesn't?

I appreciate the diversity and juxtaposition of beauty and grit. I love the canyons and desert vibe. I don’t love the density and air quality. 

In college, you spent a year abroad. did that shape your view of a global society, and how?

Living in Paris fundamentally changed me as a person; the deep language and cultural immersion opened my mind to how incredibly diverse the world is. It’s always the life experience I pull from for courage and inspiration. 

What's your current biggest personal investment?

Have Such A Good Day (our show) and our future media empire. 

Besides HSGD, what's your dream project look like?

I’ve always wanted to write and direct a dark comedy feature film that gets into Sundance and then nominated for an Oscar. I have lofty goals. 

What do you like to do for fun other than hang out with Sarah?

I like to hike the LA canyons and shake my tailfeather.

Three famous people you’d like to have dinner with:

Quentin Tarantino, Larry David, Jack White


SARAH LANE, as interviewed by heather frank

You are a small person. How has that shaped you?

It has shaped me into a magnificent physical creature. 

You grew up in California. Did you listen to Metallica in high school? If not, what were your favorite bands?

Of course I did. Metallica’s from Oakland! I also listened to a lot of Too $hort who is also from Oakland. 

You’ve been producing more audio projects lately. What got you into that? Do you miss video?

Old school video, yes. But what’s going on now is fun and refreshing. I host a video show literally every weekday from my house, that’s pretty great. I also love producing OPP (other people's podcasts). Every idea is possible with the tools we have today.

What characteristics does one need to be a successful host, producer? 

Thick skin. Internet people say terrible things. Learn how to take criticism like an adult, but know how to filter toxic stuff out asap. If you're a creative person following your dream, it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks. 

What do you like most about being a producer/host? 

I like knowing my own voice and not putting on airs ever. Keeps me honest and insufferable.

What do you like most about podcasting? 

The software I use now, I love audio software. I also just love podcasts. So many storytellers! We are in a golden age.

What do you like to do for fun other than hang out with Heather?

I run on the beach. Sometimes I see dolphins. I also like memes. 

Three famous people you’d like to have dinner with:

Barack Obama, Serena Williams, Johnny Depp